Our Story

Our Story

We believe that community organizing can change the world.

Our canvassing and community organizing tools are designed for the rest of the world. They’re lightweight. They can be used in low data environments. They’re easy to use with older technology.

Born of developers in Africa and strategists in the Caribbean, this technology platform is flexibly built and can be tailored to your addressing system and to your organizational structure. It allows you to tag and sort geographic data, identify issues, collect data, and ensure accountability among your door to door and telephone canvassers.

We serve governments, NGOs, political parties, candidates, public affairs and advocacy campaigns.

For political parties and candidates, we help you identify your voters and get your voters out on election day.

For governments and NGOs, we help you log and track constituent issues and monitor the effectiveness of your service delivery.

For public affairs and advocacy organizations, we help you organize supporters for your cause or issue.

There are plenty of solutions out there designed for web activists and digital engagement. Our canvassing tools are designed to help you organize communities house to house and person to person. And, they’re not built for one particular country or reality. They’re built with the world in mind