Built for All Environments

There are a lot of incredible systems out there that are built for digital organizing. These systems allow you to run digital petitions, send blast email, raise money online and manage your digital opt-in supporter base. They’re great and you can use them.

But, the reality is, when it comes to successful community organizing, online is just the beginning. Organizing people in their communities remains an incredibly important tool toward achieving positive change and building support for your mission.

Our technology is built for all environments. If you’re organizing communities with older devices, where data availability and price is a challenge, and where going door to door is the most effective means of identifying and organizing supporters, our technology is for you.

Our technology is lightweight. Our technology can be used offline. Our technology can be used on older Android devices (or the newest iPhone). Our technology doesn’t need a lot of data. Our technology doesn’t need a fast connection. And, it does what you need it to do - gather the contact information and relevant data about your target audience, analyze that data and analyze the effectiveness of your organization. For political campaigns, it allows you to monitor the election and get your supporters out to vote on the day.