Understanding Data Regulation

We Believe in Protecting Privacy

And, we respect different cultures and the different regulatory environments they have developed around ensuring privacy.

Our system is developed to ensure GDPR compliance, for those who want it and those who need it. We allow you to collect clear opt-ins in your door to door and person to person organizing efforts. We help you manage that consent.

GDPR represents an opportunity for organizers. It is the opportunity to organize communities who want to be organized and who choose to actively sign up for your organization or your campaign. The people you recruit you know want to be part of your campaign and are more likely to take action in support of your effort.

Our system allows you to gain that consent and manage the consent of your opt-in supporters. Community organizing remains an important part of democracy building within the European Union. And, our tool allows you to organize your communities - in high tech areas and less high tech areas - it’s built and customized for you.