Winning National Elections

Our technology has been leveraged by governing and opposition political parties around the world to help them win national, regional and local elections.

All around the world, political parties and political leaders are organizing communities. They are organizing teams of supporters to go door to door and influence voters to cast their vote and vote for their party. Even in 2021, this is often done using various combinations of paper and digital spreadsheets.

Our technology is built to slowly and surely transform an organization from a paper-based organization to a digital one.

In one particular election, we helped the client develop a custom voter ID canvass script unique to the realities of the country. The script took into account issue IDs, drilled down on the location of the voters and also the type of support of the voter.

We engaged in several kinds of canvassing for both clients - kitchen table (verandah), door to door and phone bank. The verandah canvass is conducted with members of the community doing an initial list comb and code with what they believe members of the community are based on their knowledge of individuals. This includes updating phone numbers and contact information. From there, we engaged in door to door verification, identification and persuasion canvasses using our script. And, this was supplemented with telephone canvassing.

Oftentimes, the data was initially gathered on paper and data entered into the application. This allowed us to gain greater adoption from the seasoned field operatives who were used to the traditional paper approach.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

On Election Day, a combination of the digital approach and a paper approach were used. The GOTV functionality allows us to check off voters as they vote and take them out of the texting, emailing and calling universe in real time.

A robust GOTV platform exists and our team was tasked on the day with pulling lists at regular intervals. We used the platform to export data and deploy SMS, email and update our phone banks so we could put out urgent calls to vote. We used social pressure along with other psychological messages to create anxiety in our base and compel additional turnout.

Our Election Day operation featured poll watchers, checkers, runners, drivers and flushers that were ensuring that all of our identified supporters went to the polls.

The Jamaican operation was mixed as they chose to handle field at the local level with widel


Our client canvassed over 50% of their electorate. Over 500 volunteers used the system and 80% of constituencies adopted the system.

Our client won a very, very close election.